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Mariah LaVache-Dascoli

A deeper look: 

creating a visual masterpiece that perfectly encapsulates the true essence of who you are. Like a skillful writer penning a heartfelt novel, weaving together your emotions, your laughter, and your tears, creating a visual story that is uniquely yours. With each click of the shutter, seeking to leave no trace but to leave a lasting impact, showcasing the beauty of our planet and reminding us of the importance of real life moments.

I will be your compass, helping you navigate through the choices and decisions that lay before you. Like a humble explorer, my camera in hand, we venture into the unknown, capturing moments that will transport you to far-off lands and ignite your sense of adventure. Together, we will create a masterpiece gallery that will be cherished for generations to come.  

In a world where authenticity is rare, I strive to create candid and authentic portraits, 

in the early 90's to present day, photography has been apart of my life from the start. Even at a young age, friends knew me as "the girl with the camera". Camera always at the ready...cvs prints, cheaply put together wall collages + scrapbooking. Yearbook committee in middle school.. When you sit back and take a look at the bigger "picture" we tend to document everything

starting in the dark room

A visual story teller for all occasions. . . 

whether you're planning an fun micro-event, the sweetest intimate elopement, grand destination wedding, feeling empowered with steamy boudoir sessions, creatively capturing your unique life story to freeze the love and laughter with portrait sessions, or showcasing your small business/personal brand. . .I am here to capture it all. 

offering keepsakes for you to feel. . .

connecting you to your past, or even a time before you and after, leaving a footprint on this earth. Hold your most intimate moments close to your heart for years to come with storytelling visual blog posts, invitations, Keepsake photo album books, USB's, framed prints and more photographed using digital and 35mm film photography.

with fifteen years professional experience. . . 

you can trust me to make you feel comfortable in front of the lens. I am here to guide you through the chaos, to capture the little things that make you, unapologetically you. By using untraditional and effective approaches of editorial and journalistic documenting, together we create an artistic storytelling gallery to last a lifetime and beyond.

The entire process is fun & provides a more personal connection with the humans you work with! If you'd like to learn more about how to start your photography business, contact me!

Love what you do, never work a day in your life!

Prefer most authentic approach? Entering into the educational field - I have taught numerous starter courses on camera basics like manual mode, macro photography, as well as photography business 101! Offering one-on-one live in-person lessons, Content Days & Online Downloadable E-Guides! 


For potential photographers;

If you vibe with the above, we are a match made in art.

It's been an invigorating experience connecting with many different humans to photograph and create art in some of the most beautiful locations our mother earth has to offer! 

Based in New England + shoot all year 'round (travel available)

All untraditional love + creative souls welcome...