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BOUDOIR; for your

Make a deeper connection to your body through your dream boudoir session. Practice self discovery and enhance your self esteem, discover and celebrate new aspects of yourself and lead deeper into self-acceptance. A professionally styled and guided session, feel comfortable and relaxed in ethereal gardens, cleanse yourself in waterfalls, adventure along the mountains, hunker down in your own home, enjoy my studio setting, bathe in a luxurious clawfoot tub in mansions, or choose your own  sentimental location.

Be unapologetically you while wearing your most comfortable or sexy lingerie pieces & props, (nude if you may choose), May it be for self expression, a significant other, bridal/groomoir, or an intimate couples session; Boudoir photoshoots promote empowerment and emphasize sensuality & emotion. There is no shame in the human body & being in touch with your sexuality or self acceptance journey.


Let's Connect!

Step 1

I'd love to hear about as many details as we can to start! In the form below, write all about your story,  favorite places to visit, what you've envisioned for your photo session and more! Have questions for me or need more assistance in planning to rid the stress? We'll discuss everything together during our intro discovery call (phone, FaceTime or Zoom).

After our call, keep a look out in your email for an online proposal providing details discussed & payment plan as well as an agreement form. To solidify booking before the proposal expires, please sign and send non-refundable retainer within 48 hours. 

Step 2

Step 3

included in every experience:

Up to 5 sneak peeks in 72 hours

Outfit and session styling assistance & visual mood boards

1 Printed Keepsake Included OR 50% off Engraved USB Keepsake

Location and posing guidance

Detail planning via video or phone call

Online gallery with attached printing store/printing rights

Payment plans available


+photo studio

2-3 outfits 
Starting at $750


For any boudoir session; I either already know the area, have done extensive research (or I'll try to visit ahead of time) so you'll experience all of the incredible views and landmarks. If outdoor, session is at sunrise only. Let's bring snacks and explore the most amazing locations during your grounding experience!

timeline creation
& inspiration

The timeline is photography & day-of specific; for any boudoir session, Timelines and inspirations are created together to ensure that all the details of your day come together as desired. This may include important moments in your gallery like activities, outfits and more. Being organized is a great way to reduce stress and feel ready to go on your session day.

communication & vendor referrals

On top of our scheduled planning video calls, you'll always be able to contact me via email or text as I reply M-Th 10a-3p. I love being there for you throughout the entire experience!  always reply during business hours. Need recommendations? Having an amazing vendor team that works well together ensures a seamless session and  incredible experience. Videographers, Hair and Make Up artists, etc!

+creative concepts & cosplay

+adventure or your home



+ bestie supportive groups

+online websites & publications

+waterfall or water cleansing

+unique boutique hotels, retreats  & airbnb rentals

4-5+ outfits 
New England only
Starting at $975

2-3 outfits 
Starting at $600

wanderlust & explore for more...

+self love journey

+ethereal woods or gardens

+travel outside of new england

Traveling around or outside of the U.S. and looking for an epic once-in-a-lifetime boudoir gallery? 
3 days or more
Starting at $5,500

+couples intimate 

inquire here

Shortly after,  expect your welcome guide and we will schedule our future check-in calls. I'll email you a detailed questionnaire to learn even more about your story & what details would make your session incredible. We'll select a location and a good date (or two), and dive even deeper into planning & styling your session.  Ready to document your special moments? Your dream photography experience & gallery await!


  • Iceland
  • Zion
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Hawaii
  • Maldives
  • Alaska
  • Grand Canyon
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Venice
  • Banff
  • BC Rockies
  • Yosemite
  • Joshua Tree
  • Glacier NP
  • Yellowstone
  • Salt Flats, UT
  • Big Sur, CA




destination LOCATIONS

as it would be devastating to lose these tangible reminders of your precious memories. Learning proper storage is crucial to preserving and protecting your gallery for years to come. Your online gallery link will expire within 3 months, so be sure to download, order from the attached print store and purchase any necessary keepsakes for you and others to feel for a lifetime. As a courtesy service I personally keep every client gallery safely stored in multiple external hard drives in fireproof safe boxes just in case needed in the future. Costs include service, keepsake item, engraving & shipping.

+ Engraved Wooden Keepsake Box with USB containing all high-resolution edited gallery photos only. . .$475

+ Engraved Wooden Keepsake Box with USB containing all unedited RAW photos and all high-resolution edited gallery photos (YES! That's EVERY raw photo taken during your experience & the edits! You now own them all). . . $675

As a photographer it is my job to guide you through the importance of photo storage...

Raw Photos &
Keepsake Storage Options

Every human and couple is different, Experiences are custom fit to your request. How would you like to document your most empowering and compassionate moments?

How would you like to showcase your sexy side?