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Your online gallery link will expire within 3 months in order to keep the online gallery up-to-date, so be sure to download, order from the attached printing gallery for any photo album books, wall art, framed prints, invites and more - contact me directly if to order any necessary keepsakes such as Engraved Wooden USB boxes with all of your images safely stored for you and others to feel for a lifetime!

How long is the online gallery accessible? Is printing available?

During your session, all digital images are copied onto two different SD memory cards. Once in the office, all images are backed from my SD cards onto three different external hard drives. Your dual SD memory cards are not cleared out until you approve (and love!) your completed online gallery. 35mm Film photos are developed on weekdays typically taking at up to 30-60 days to develop and scan into your online gallery.

What is your back up process for keeping our digital and film photos safe? 

Providing and documenting real life experiences as they unfold and posed guidance when necessary to the gallery, my purpose is intentional when creating true emotional story-telling and cinematic imagery. Going beyond your typical elopement, wedding, portrait or boudoir photography experience, pre-session feel at ease as we relationship build through my customized planing process and styling guidance. Let loose or ground yourself during our session; exploring both sharp, clear imagery as well as the slow shutter speeds creating blurry motion imagery so you may feel your session even deeper; Depending on the session or event; My editing style is typically cinematic, moody, filmy and true-to-color. Although my film photography style depends on the type of film roll used, we may use color, black and white or sepia film rolls.  If my style resonates with you, I am your photographer!

How would you describe your photography style and experience? 

How do I (we) personally store photos safely? 

I highly advise looking into the Wooden Keepsake USB Boxes I offer and all printables are located in your online gallery. As a courtesy service I keep every client gallery stored in multiple external hard drives inside fireproof safe boxes in case needed in the future. 

What is your turn around time for sessions and weddings?

Events, Elopements, Weddings Galleries are delivered via email within 60-90 days after your date. Portraits, Engagement & Boudoir sessions are delivered 30-60 days after session date. You will receive sneak peaks within the first week.

What equipment do you use?

For digital & mirrorless I use all of the latest Canon, Sigma Art Lenses and Godox & Profoto lighting equipment. I always carry the R6 Mark II, R5, 5D Mark III, EOS60D, 70-200mm, 24-70mm, 135mm, 50mm , 35mm. For Film I favor using the Canon-A1 and Fujifilm XT5, although I have a few others.

are the people featured on your site models?

Images shown on my site and blog are of real-life clients, couples and experiences, styled, planned and photographed by me.

How do we reserve our session, elopement or wedding date?

After the proposal is sent, all offers and proposal expire within 48 hours. Anywhere between a 20-50% non-refundable retainer & signed contract is required in order to solidify on my calendar. The remainder of your balance is paid within payment plans throughout the planning process. Typically all payments finished at least 3 days pre-date; In special cases you may finish payments post date.

what does your editing process look like?

I am “old school” editing every single photo myself. The necessary editing and retouching will be made to all of your final images, such as blemish control & distractions. I believe our imperfections are what make us beautiful & unique and do not alter bodies to look "different". If there are specific edits you want or additional photoshopping, (adding in teeth etc) advanced editing will be charged according to the number and complexity of edits.

what sets you apart from other photographers?

As both a digital and film photographer with fifteen years professional experience photographing all types of portraits, boudoir, elopements and weddings, I know how to keep you grounded and guided in your experiences; making you feel relaxed yet hyped while looking your very best. I use natural lighting as often as possible although am knowledgeable in challenging light situations and will use on & off-camera flash if needed. Making sure my sessions are intimate & fun, Your experience with me should feel comfortable and confidence boosting, as I turn into your pocketside bestie that will always hype you up while taking THE best photos of you to look back on.

How many photographers will be there at our wedding?

I am one entity, typically taking on celebration days alone; although if requested or necessary to the day/weekend a 2nd photographer or assistant may be added with a required additional cost. Typically I will refer experienced Videographers I've worked alongside to create a combined cinematic and artistic gallery for you.

Will my photos be posted publicly on your site or social media?

I respect your privacy and allow each client to decide whether or not they want their photos displayed publicly. I’d love to show off you & your images, if you’re game! If not, that's okay, too.

Will our photos get featured in a magazine or blog?

While many of my sessions do get featured, this isn't something that is guaranteed. Most publishers are interested in uniquely designed weddings. If yours applies to this, please let me know ahead of time and we will discuss which publications to submit to. I have my own “Behind the Lens Blog” I write myself that is featured on my official website and included in select experiences

As a professional wedding photographer, I strive to provide perfect, timeless photographs that you’ll want to cherish for a lifetime. But at the same time, I also strive to create editorial-worthy images that will make you feel like a magazine model. 

Documentary Photography: This style is all about capturing candid, un-posed moments that happen naturally throughout the day. It’s about capturing the raw emotions and pure joy that you’ll undoubtedly experience on your wedding day. The beauty of this style is that it allows you to re-live those little moments that you may have missed during the hustle and bustle of the day. It also allows you to see your family and friends in their truest form. I love this type of photography because it always feels genuine and authentic. As your wedding photographer, it’s important for me to blend in with the crowd and capture these moments as they happen without interrupting them.

Editorial Photography: Creating the perfect photograph. This type of photography is usually seen in magazines and advertisements, but can also be incorporated into your celebration album. It’s about creating visually stunning images that look straight out of a fairytale. This style often involves posing and directing, and aims to make the subject look their absolute best. I love incorporating editorial-style images into my wedding photography because they show the beauty and elegance of your relationship in a unique and special way. These images will be some 

By blending documentary and editorial styles together, I’m able to create a uniquely unforgettable and cohesive story of your day that chronicles every important moment, while at the same time creating beautiful, magazine-worthy images. This means that you’ll have stunning candid photos of you and your spouse laughing and sharing intimate moments, while also having stunning portraits of you both looking your absolute best. Better yet, the best moments of your wedding won’t be interrupted for editorial posing, except for the allotted portrait session we will work into your wedding timeline. 

Editorial typically is: during photo sessions, after the first look, during wedding party, family, and newlyweds

documentary vs editorial


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as it would be devastating to lose these tangible reminders of your precious memories. Learning proper storage is crucial to preserving and protecting your gallery for years to come. Your online gallery link will expire within 3 months (to keep online gallery storage space up-to-date), so be sure to download, order from the attached print store and purchase any necessary keepsakes for you and others to feel for a lifetime. As a courtesy service I personally keep every client gallery safely stored in case needed in the future, however, I may not be held responsible forever, as I am passionate about teaching others how to properly store their own images for safe keeping. How to keep your digital images safe? Offering Engraved Wooden Boxes with Keepsake USBs. Costs below include service, item, engraving & shipping:



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