“Imagine planning your dream Newlywed session with the love of your life on the top of a mountain during the most colorful time in New England, October…this is EPIC”!

– Destiny, the Bride

We started at dawn. Although a simple 11 minute hike to the top… It was a chilly 34 degrees, dark & a steep rocky walk up. Wind lightly brushed our cheeks while gloomy overcast welcomed us from above..

Today is the number one peak fall foliage day & could be the last colorful day of the season.

We spent 10 months planning together, details such as

  • knowledge of the hike
  • know where we were going for the photos
  • know when the best times to go are
  • timing & wiggle room is everything
  • photo permits if needed
  • Emergency hiking kit
    • head lamps + lanterns
    • emergency thermal blankets, hand warmers { stay warm in between takes }
    • safety kit, towels, utility knife etc.
    • snacks & water
    • clear dome umbrella
    • compass

Let’s bring it back to the night before the session…

My makeup artist Tiffany and I spent the day before at a cute little airbnb nearby where the couple was staying. Preparing for a big day – we made sure we had all of our specific items such as hair, makeup and camera accessories. It was an early night to bed since we were to meet with the couple around 3:30am!

The morning of, we met Destiny & Joey at Sugar Hill Inn, Sugar Hill NH, their mini-moon location, to get started on Hair and Make up. Tiffany worked her bridal HMUA magic within an hour and a half, finishing by 5:00am. Our goal was to arrive at Artists Bluff no later than 6:00am with time to spare, and we were right on schedule, if not earlier!

“Sunrise is approx. 6:54am, we needed to make it to the top and make sure we are ready well before others with the same idea.”

me planning out the session.

We took the short route, cutting through the Cannon Mountain RV parking lot making it to the .5 mile hike instead of the longer 1.5 mile hike. Being seasoned in these hiking areas, I guide the way.

Once we reached the top of the mountain, our mouths dropped in awe, the fall foliage view was a New Englander’s dream.

Although Destiny and Joey did in fact marry 2 days before in front of their closest family and friends at Sons of Italy, Watertown their plan was to take Epic Newlywed Photos for their keepsake photo albums & present to their friends & families.

Although the the wind was blowing, having Tiffany on the mountain top making sure both Destiny & Joey looked their best was a wonderful feature to their photo session. Thank you so much @wickedmakeupboston you were incredible, and couldn’t have done this without you!

Destiny & Joey’s newlywed photo session was one of the most adventurous and intimate sessions I have ever had the opportunity of creating.

“We are looking for something epic, to hang on our walls and print into albums..to show our children, what should we do? We are down for anything.”

– Destiny, the Bride

During the planning process, we had the chance to form a connection; learning Destiny and Joey’s love story along the way has been so inspirational. A love found in prison (as guards) to leaving for family and happiness…to creating new goals and achievements…

photographing your wedding day and your epic newlyweds has been such an honor.

The top of the mountain was colder than we wanted; just a few warming breaks were needed in between takes.

With planned poses due to restricted time, physical space and many other on-location attributes, it was important to keep Destiny and Joey close together. “Body heat, thank gosh…its freezing up here but we got this”! This helped in creating a more intimate feel to the photos.

After about 50 minutes (with breaks to warm up in between) of guided posing, candids & absolutely crushing one of their first, and yet greatest challenges as newlyweds – we ended the session with some of the most amazing memories…with photographs to prove it.

Just as the session had finished, Destiny started to feel her hunger coming on. Rushing to get back into warmer clothes, it seemed as though the hike down was much faster than the hike up…strange how that works.

“Want to get some breakfast with us?”

– Destiny & Joey, Husband and Wife

Our first time at Polly’s Pancake Parlor & certainly wont be the last.

By 7:50am we were sitting at the breakfast table, exchanging our excitement for our favorite parts of the morning. I was so thankful to see gluten & dairy free pancake options, everything we ordered was delicious & service wonderful! We honestly did not want to get up after finishing, I believe we sat around for another half hour finding comfortability with relaxing after such a long morning already.

“Is it time to leave already?” Our goodbyes were were along the lines of “see you laters” as we intend on creating with each other again in the future, which we are lucky to say.

Intentionally documented storytelling for Destiny and Joey reminds me of my WHY. Giving purpose to my photography career, my passion never losing its’ flames when creating heirlooms like these. Romanticizing your life and love story is of my greatest honor.

Congratulations Destiny and Joey! Ahhh newlyweds!!! Your love is EPIC and deserves all the best!! Spending time with you all has been a wonderful adventure, Tiffany and I appreciate you letting us join in on the mini-moon of a lifetime!