In the enchanting realm of New England, lies a small business that breathes life into love stories. A family-owned brand that weaves dreams into reality, crafting exquisite wedding jewelry that symbolizes the eternal bond between two souls. Bernard Jewelers (Tewksbury, MA est. 1989) have gone to the moon and back to the roots of this earth to create your custom dream wedding rings. As a photographer, it is my honor to capture these timeless creations, to immortalize the love that radiates from every piece.

Timeless creations; Intimate wedding bands carefully crafted completely from scratch, intentionally and thoughtfully designed. The following featured to be passed along as heirlooms for future family use. Photographing wedding jewelry isn’t just about showcasing the beauty of the pieces, it’s about capturing the emotions they represent; freezing in time the love, commitment, and promises made between two people. These rings symbolize so much more than mere accessories; they embody the hope, dreams, and future of a couple entering a new chapter of their lives.

  • An out-of-this-world Bridal Engagement & Wedding Band, both featuring the same designs, (2) different whimsical inspired engravings atop and inside. A beautifully iridescent & uniquely cut solitary Moonstone emulating a coffin shape giving “til’ death do us part” energy. Gifted to the new bride just after ceremony end, a surprise promise ring lined with out-worldly blue moonstones; a slight opening perfect fit for the engagement moonstone to snug into. With customizable options, all three rings may be worn separately or together in any order.
  • Opposite, a grounding experience bringing us back to earth. Partnered with the most unique earthly wedding band featuring tree bark imprints (engravings) from the exact fallen oak tree the couple married next to; a piece of their ceremony location on his finger to wear forever. Tree bark, textured to the touch – band encapsulating such feelings should one ever need to feel the day all over again.

Created by the couple themselves secretly and separately with Jeweler Alexs’ incredible knowledge and assist and help from the mother-in-law – neither knew what wedding bands they would receive on ceremony day. With complete creative control and an idea of vision and budget – Alex worked meticulously to create their dream wedding ring heirloom collection.

The flatlay during this session added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the story. Arranging the wedding rings, the engagement & promise ring adorned with mesmerizing moonstones, and the groom’s wedding band with its textured oak tree engraving, I couldn’t help but marvel at the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating these pieces. Each photo telling a story, evoking a sense of wonder and anticipation for what’s to come. . .


“While working with Bernard Jewelers, They provided an unforgettable experience. It was personal, the process was thorough, they took what we had to say into account, while also providing professional and experienced guidance – no pressure at all. End result better than we could have imagined! Will definitely be back to do more business with them; We are over the moon!”.
  • Mariah LaVache Photography


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